I need a new name!

... for a new Plasma Widget that is 😉 I've just started implementing a mashup that lists music events going on your own location (from Last.fm) and adds links to Google Maps, Social Services etc. But the beast needs a name as I think "Last.fm Events" is a tad too generic. It has to be a name that gives the user an idea of what the widget does, so it shouldn't be too imaginatively - like say Plasma, Akonadi, Funambol etc. 😉 No offense intended :-) BTW a name is also needed because I need to register at Last.fm to get an API key and I have to inform them about the applications name. It's a bit premature for something that hasn't been released even at Alpha level but that is in their ToS... There's still a long way to go but here are some screenies as an appetizer for what can be expected: =-=-=-=-= Powered by Blogilo

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  1. 1
    tanghus says:

    Evocation has been suggested by kudlaty

  2. 2
    Stu Jarvis says:

    Hmm... 'Muse'? (sounds a bit like music and can mean "a goddess that inspires a creative artist" or in this case a source of information to inspire you to go and see a creative artist)

  3. 4
    Arne Babenhauserheide says:

    A little brainstorm:

    English phrases:

    What’s up?
    What’s Hot Here?
    Cool Stuff Around Me
    What shall I do tonight?
    Who’s playing here?
    Daily Koncert (I like the K 😉 )
    Koncert finder
    NightLine music
    Where to Party?
    MusicTonight / Music Night


    Okazilo (tool for events)

    Lokaj Okazoj (local events, also sounds a bit mischievish like Loki 😉 )

    Okazo means event, but also “a chance”.

  4. 7
    Valorie Zimmerman says:

    Might be boring, but at least it's obvious: Local Concerts. Amarok has an applet which does something similar (no map though) called Upcoming Events.

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      tanghus says:

      I wasn't even aware that Amarok has such an applet even though I use it every day (v. 2.3.2) maybe it isn't there.
      I think that an obvious name like that would be good if it was e.g. in a context like Amarok but for a standalone applet it should distinguish itself a bit more.

      I'm currently leaning against Evocation or maybe Evocator even though it's a bit against my own argumentation 😉

  5. 9
    Gallaecio says:

    What about “Concerts Around” or “Music Around”?

  6. 10
    tanghus says:

    I ended up with Evocation as suggested by kudlaty. Thanks for all the good suggestions.