ownCloud 5.0 beta 1

Start testing :-)

From:	Frank Karlitschek 
To:	"owncloud@kde.org Mailinglist" 
Date:	Wed, 20 Feb 2013

Hi everybody,

I'm very happy to announce the beta 1 of ownCloud 5

You can download it here:

This is beta quality and it is not recommended to use this in a production environment. 
But if you want to help with testing and QA please download it and give feedback on 
the bugtracker:
Let's give it a hard test.

The new encryption system is not yet part of this release but it will be included in
the next beta. An improved UI for the external filesystem mounting will also come with 
the next beta.

Thanks to everybody who contributed and especially the people who worked super hard on
fixing bugs in the last few weeks and during the developer sprint last weekend.

You guys rock!!!



  1. 1
    davidakd says:

    Can you say how long it takes until OC5 and the next Desktop Client is released?

  2. 3
    daKrueml says:

    Gosh, why does it still say "Planned" on the Encryption? This is THE key feature... In my opinion, OwnCloud is kinda useless without Encryption.

    So why did you disable the old feature if you clearly arent able to make it better?

  3. 5
    FredHan says:

    When are you going to fix so that the klient only sync when it's need to. and incremental sync. i have 30gb of data in 27 000 files.
    The klient sync hole the time.

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