New Journal and TAL Page Templates for ownCloud releases

Freshly packed releases of Journal and TAL Page Templates are now available. If you use ownCloud 5 you can go to the App settings and enable them there.

There are very few changes in the apps, except that they have been updated for ownCloud 5.


 - Updated for ownCloud 5 and TAL Page Templates 0.2.
 - Fix: Author not being saved.
 - Fix: Share entry not removed.
 - Fix: Journals didn't show in search.
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TAL Page Templates:

- Use OC_TemplateLayout to render the layout. All apps using TALTemplate
  will have to update their templates and remove any markup besides what
  they want rendered. See the manual for more info.

- The classes now uses the OCA\TAL namespace.
NOTE: This version requires adjusting of your templates.
Since version 0.2 TAL Page Templates uses OC_TemplateLayout to, well, layout the page 😉 This means that you will have to strip your templates from any HTML elements sorrounding your content. If your page previously looked like:
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html metal:use-macro="${maintemplate}">
		<title>TAL Page Templates</title>
		<div id="content" metal:fill-slot="content">
		Your content here...
You will need to strip it down to:
	Your content here...
Read more about TAL Page Templates
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