White fish and veggies

This is a very easy dish, where you can pretty much use whatever is in the fridge/freezer - provided of course that you have fish and vegetables 😉
I normally eat it with organic "browne" rice, but you can use basmati rice, jasmine rice or even noodles if you prefer that.
First cut some carrots julienne.
Carrots Julienne
The rest of the vegetables are onions, red peppers, mushrooms and tomatos.
Dice, slice and mix with spices and a generous amount of olive oil.
Dice and Slice
Add the fish on top. It can be any kind of white, firm fish such as pollock or cod. I used some cheap, frozen Alaska pollock.
Add fish
Make a mix of spinach (I use the cheap, frozen stuff), bread crumbs (the stuff you can buy ready-made is just fine), olive oil and season it with salt, freshly ground black pepper and lots of nutmeg.
Spread the mix on top, sprinkle with more bread crumbs and grated cheese and bake at 210° centigrade for around 35-40 minutes or until the the cheese is golden.
Serve with rice.
Cheap, tasty and healthy :-)

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