swordfish_128px English dictionary for Sailfish OS

Lookup definitions, examples and related words.
Results are taken from several sources, so when in doubt look at more than the first result.
  • Definitions are very informative.
  • Examples put the words into context, and can sometimes be very funny.
  • Related words can be dangerous as you can keep looking up words you didn't know were interesting.
Why Swordfish?
At first I wanted to call it "Wordfish" as in "fishing for words", but it turned out quite a few others had had the same idea for apps and other stuff.
So as a pun with the Sailfish OS I decided on Swordfish.

Go ((S)word)fish:
Enter a word to search for:
swordfish-search And you'll get to the different definitions of the word: swordfish-definitions When you want to see it in context use the pulley menu and select "Examples": swordfish-examples-menu Enjoy the words of wisdom gathered there 😉 swordfish-examples After a few laughs you can either flick back to search again, or you can see related words. Select it in the pulley menu: swordfish-related-words-menu Be careful - this can become addictive if you're into words :) swordfish-related-words Of course Swordfish can be configured in various ways: swordfish-configure

Get the source at Github
Swordfish uses the Wordnik API.
If you want to support Wordnik, you can adopt your favourite word.

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