First Swordfish in town

SwordfishVersion 0.1 of my English dictionary app Swordfish for Sailfish OS has just been approved by the Jolla Harbour QA.

Find it in you local Jolla App Store or read about it here.

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Infoworld author deleting factual comments

So I came across this ridiculous article, and since the author got his facts all wrong - and I had a few beers - I decided to comment on it:

The author of this "article" hasn't done much research, but is an eloquent click-baiter.
Jolla has been shipping SailfishOS devices to Europe since late 2013 and is now opening markets in India (a pretty big market) and (of all places?) Kazakhstan. China is targeted for later this year.
And it's not low-end devices, but rather mid-range. Us early adopters actually paid €400 to get our hands on it.
The "eco-system" is not a big problem either, as you can run almost all android apps seamlessly.

The author replied soon after:

GGruman: (@GGruman is apparently his personal Twitter account, while his "professional" is @MobileGalen)

You're right about Jolla shipping in Europe. I forgot about that; they've shipped some hundreds there since last fall, at iPhone/Android prices. But they're not in India yet; they're still talking about that. Here's a good review of the hardware and OS:

I was overly focused on the Sailfish OS open source project, which seems very stalled:

As his "facts" were way off, I tried to make a few more comments to correct them, but they mysteriously went missing...

I tried once more to post my comments in a single post, which also went AWOL:

Since the author seems to be deleting my replies to his reply, I'll repost them here:

As they (Jolla Oy, Ed.) haven't revealed sales figures, no one really knows how many they've sold, but the production batches - I bet - are more than "some hundreds" and IMEI numbers suggests they're at least well into their second batch.

As for "still talking about that" with India, you can read the joint press release from Jolla and Snapdeal (with 25 million+ customers):

Have a look at the community platform btw:
Stalled? Not so much! is mostly documentation. Most communication is on Together, mailing list and IRC (#jollamobile and #sailfishos on freenode).

But yes, SailfishOS - besides the GNU/Linux stack behind - is new in town and has it's bugs and a relatively high learning curve (a couple of days) because it's not just tap-on-buttons, but extends the Meego/Harmattan gesture based interface enabling you to use the phone much more intuitively.

The article you link to is 8 months old, when only a minute portion of the pre-ordered devices had been delivered. Since then Jolla have been making *monthly* updates each improving the stability and user experience.

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